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Members of 10 Platoon D Company 5RAR

10 Platoon D Company's Last Patrol, 1967

Picture was taken as 10 Platoon was going out from the 'Horseshoe' on its last patrol; April 1967. Not all platoon members are in the photograph due to other requirements. The patrol was a security patrol around the base of the Horseshoe. The patrol was uneventful and the platoon members were all smiles on return. They were going home after an arduous 12 month tour of duty.
Note: Coloured ribbon was entwined through their bush hats as "Charlie" wore a similar hat and this was to identify friend from foe.

(Standing L to R): Colin Illman, Bruce Robinson, Dave Grey, Lyn "Baldy" Phillips, Bob Bullen, Peter Cerviski, Geoff Sobey, Bob Bunting, Kevin "Bat" Masteron, Ross Hore, Dave Babbage and Dennis Rainer.
(Kneeling L to R): Ken Haynes, Geoff Arthur, Rob Arnold, Max Engles and Bob Ziemski.