5RAR Tiger Logo Aircraft in Support

Australian Army Cesssna 180D FAC Aircraft

Australian Army Cessna 180D  FAC aircraft on Luscombe Field inside
1 ATF in March 1967.

161 Independent Reconnaissance Flight of the Australian Army arrived in Vietnam at Vung Tau 28 September 1965, and were deployed to Bien Hoa in support of 173rd Airborne Brigade of which 1 RAR was a member. With the establishment of 1 ATF they moved to the U.S. Army airfield at Vung Tau, and following the initial completion of Luscombe Field they officially moved to 1 ATF Nui Dat on 22 March 1967, with a strength of 6 X OH-13 Sioux helicopters and 3 X Cessna 180D FAC aircraft.

OH = Observation Helicopter
FAC = Forward Air Control

161 Recce Flight were located on the north eastern end of Luscombe Field, just to the south of B Company 5 RAR's lines. The Cessna however is photographed at the western end of Luscombe Field next to Provincial Route 2. That day there were a number of Australian Army, U.S.A.F. and U.S. Army FAC type aircraft.

The Cessna aircraft were eventually replaced by the Porter aircraft and the Sioux helicopters were replaced by Kiowa helicopters.