Canadian War Correspondent and Combat Photographer, Daryl Henry


     Photos from the collection of Daryl Henry taken at Nui Dat and the Long Hai Hills. Daryl was attached to 5RAR's Reconnaissance Platoon for the duration of Operation Renmark 18 - 22 February 1967.
     “Daryl Henry, was a free lance journalist, qualified architect, world free fall champion, male model and in today’s terminology classified as an action man, and all round good guy to have a beer with. He had spent most of his time imbedded with the US Marines in Vietnam before accompanying Recon on Op Renmark. He was last seen pen in hand and notebook following a guerrilla war somewhere in Latin America before Recon Platoon re-established contact with him in very interesting circumstances in 2000, to not only say g’day but to seek his permission to publish some of his pictures in Crossfire. He is now a retired Hollywood script writer living in the hills just out of Los Angeles.”