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Ghengis Gives the troops a debrief Briefing by 'The Boss' 2nd Tour

At the end of each operation, after allowing the troops time to clean up and have a meal, the CO would gather the battalion on the helicopter pad, 'Tiger Five', and tell the story of the whole operation. The soldiers were usually fed up with having been out in the bush for weeks on end and would grumble at the thought of future operations. Mostly they were unaware, however, of the big picture and of what their mates in other companies had been doing. 'Genghis' (dubbed by his soldiers), would remove his slouch hat, hang it over the revolver on his hip, and proceed to pass on this information to them including the exploits of individual soldiers. He was always such an inspirational speaker that, by the time he had finished his pep talk, the diggers were sufficiently enthused to saddle up again.