5RAR Tiger Logo Armour in Support

Bridge Layer collecting the soldiers from 5RAR

Claude Ducker

The attached photograph should bring back some memories for C Company personnel who were on Operation Surfside - (22 April - 2 May 69). I believe they could have been taken around 26 April when we moved to the ocean. This one of two photos were given to me by Jack Lake. I passed them on to the Official Historian. I understand one of the photos will be in the Official History due to its unique nature. The Official History on the Vietnam War (Volume 3) is running behind time.

We had to move in a hurry and it was worth taking the risk of being crowded on the bridge layer. Any enemy that saw us may have been too surprised to react! We had tanks with us. I'm not sure whether they were an escort or were trying to recapture from us the bridge layer belonging to B Squadron 1st Armoured Regiment. One of the downsides of this unique trip was that we may have missed out on a few more frequent flyer points on helicopters. The photos show most of C Company and I believe we had a dog with us at the time. An appropriate caption might be "100 men and their dog".


Bridge Layer on the move carrying soldiers from C Company 5RAR