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CO of 5RAR being briefed by 5RAR's intelligence officer captain O'Neill

Cordon and Search of the Village of Xa An Nhut

The terrain map is of the village of An Nhut. The map was used to brief the CO's Orders Group prior to Operation Beaumaris in February 1967, the Cordon and Search of An Nhut. This operation took the lives of the Officer commanding C Company Major Don Bourne, his second-in-command Captain Milligan and the New Zealand Forward observer Captain Peter Williams.
Captain Robert O'Neill, 5RAR's intelligence officer is pointing at the village of Tam Phuoc where Captain Bob Milligan spent the night prior to the cordon with an ARVN regional force platoon. This was to keep them quiet whilst
C Company & B Company moved from the foothills of the Long Hai hills in the south into the cordon position.

Photograph courtesy Australian War Memorial