5RAR Tiger Logo aircraft in support of 5RAR

Iroquois helicopters carrying water to the forward elements of 5RAR

Water Resupply

     During the 'Dry Season' in the Republic of South Vietnam, members of the battalion were often re-supplied water by the ubiquitous Iroquois helicopters. During this time the creeks and small streams simply dried up and the Diggers only source of water was re-supply by air.
     Many members experienced what it was like to undergo extreme cases of thirst when supply had run out and a re-supply could not be requested because a 5RAR unit was in close proximity to the enemy and a re-supply would have compromised their position.
     In the foreground can be seen jerry cans filled with water to be taken to the forward areas. Assault Pioneers during the first tour got to do the 're-sup' job often, because it was said: "They knew the difference between a mortar bomb and a star picket!"