5RAR Tiger Logo Men of the Battalion

Jim Fitzgerald with soldiers of 7 Section 6Platoon B Company 5RAR October 1969 7 Section 6 Platoon B Company 5RAR on Operation Kings Cross October 1969.

(L to R): Cpl J Fitzgerald, Lcpl M White (KIA), Pte G Honen, Pte G Bouveng, Pte J Campbell and Pte T Blackhurst.

This was about the most soldiers that could be expected (if you were lucky ) to have available for operations from the (theoretical ) 10 man rifle section, due to sickness, LOB (left out of battle) to guard perimeter, etc.

Throughout Operation Kings Cross, all available intelligence pointed to a large scale offensive against Route 15 posts by 274 Regiment supported by HQ Sub Region 4. This operation did not eventuate, probably because of the presence of 5 RAR and its strong mobile armoured reaction force in AO (Area of Operations) Grace.