5RAR Tiger Logo Phouc Tuy Province

American Road convoy approaching the Horseshoe 1967

The Horseshoe,  March 1967

An American road convoy carrying heavy earth-moving equipment approaches the horseshoe to begin clearing the approaches of tall timber to allow the 5RAR soldiers clearer fields of fire.

In his book Vietnam Task Robert O'Neill, the battalion's intelligence officer wrote:

"D Company had dug themselves into ground which was composed of loose stones and very difficult to work. Bulldozers cleared the under­growth off the forward slopes of the hill so that no cover was available to Viet Cong who might creep up on the camp. As the days went by the pits were developed into bunkers and wire fences were built in profusion around the hill at several levels on the forward slopes. The flow of materials, concertina wire, pickets, timber baulks, galvanised iron, artillery ammunition and rations went smoothly and within two weeks, D Company had established a base which they could have held against a regiment of Viet Cong."