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5RAR working the water treament equipment in the Village of Binh Ba

5RAR 'water point' Binh Ba 1966

     This Water-point was set up by the Battalion's Assault Pioneers to pump water from a well, purifying it in the process before emptying into large rubber bladders. Early on the first tour, Task Force HQ decided to station a rifle company from 5RAR in the village of Binh Ba, north of the Task Force and clean drinking water was a must as all sources of fresh water were considered contaminated. In this photograph can be seen Assault Pioneer, Benny Goodman far right, Tony Reddin second from right and Mick Vizzone far left.
     This was taken during the 'Wet Season' where you were constantly saturated in you own perspiration only to be exposed to the late daily afternoon monsoonal downpour leaving you wet throughout the night. The late afternoon monsoonal rains can be seen developing in the top left of the photograph.