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The Mayfair Picture Theatre

The picture theatre erected by members of 5RAR in 1966 and dubbed "The Mayfair" for screening 16mm movies compliments of the US Army.

The theatre was used by the soldiers who were not on duty. Primitive sound speakers can be seen and if I remember correctly you had to bring your own chair.

John Hellyer (both tours) recounted:

Hi Ted, was looking at the photo of Mayfair. On the second tour I actually showed the movies at this location. I shared this duty with Pte Hong, a cook. I did my projectionist course at Vung Tau so I could show movies at D company then I transferred to Charlie Company mid- way through the tour then between company pay clerk and other duties I showed movies. We would travel over to headquarters 1ATF to select the movies we wished to show, naturally he who got in early got the pick. The tin shed had two 16mm movie projectors so we could have a continuous run. Seating was same as first tour ... hard benches or bring your own.