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Private Paul McQueen of 5RAR

Fire Support Base 2nd Tour

Paul McQueen (pictured) having a break atop his weapon pit. His weapon, a 7.62mm SLR (Self Loading Rifle) is leaning against his helmet, (Skid-Lid) his basic webbing can be seen along with his bayonet and a flack jacket at bottom right.

The weapon pit has a covering of two layers of sand bags on top of cross beams using star pickets. The helmet was only carried by members of 5RAR if there was a chance of enemy mortar bombardment, hence the overhead protection. At night, because of the heat one would sleep underneath the hootchie.

Paul says "One night I had just got to sleep after picket duty when I was awakened by a rat running across my legs and a snake hot on the heels of the rat! Fortunately I didn't holler but the rat did."