5RAR Tiger Logo Nui Dat

Mortar demonstration at Nui dat

Air Vice Marshall Ngyuen Cao Ky
Visits 5RAR 1967

   Prime Minister Ky (Black jump suit and peak cap) watching a mortar firing demonstration at the 5RAR Mortar Firing Line. This occurred on the 12th January, 1967. The Air Vice Marshall's entourage, along with PR people from Australia and the US can be seen at rear.
   Lloyd 'Dusty' Miller, a member of Mortar Platoon, recalls that the demonstration resulted in a "Cook Off', (misfire) which caused the South Vietnamese officials to throw their bodies over the Prime Minister to protect him from possible injury. Lloyd went on to say that "it was a bit embarrassing but we were getting a few faulty rounds at the time."
   The soldier sighting the mortar is Private T. Christian and the soldier standing left wearing bush hat is Private Abe Melki Standing on Ky's left is Major I. R. 'Blue' Hodgekinson; because of his red hair, was humorously known as the "Big Red One."