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Members of mortar platoon getting a resupply of mortar bombs during Operation Canberra October 1966

Operation Canberra, October 1966

The Nui Thi Vai Mountains was an ideal observation post for the VC and NVA as all movements by road from Vung Tau to Saigon could be observed from several vantage points atop this mountain. Intelligence indicated that there were more bases to be discovered with the possibilities of the capture of further documents, equipment and supplies.

This photograph is of mortar platoon members unloading mortar rounds on the western edge of the Nui Thi Vai's.

Not long after this photograph was taken, Mortar Platoon fired over 1,000 rounds throughout the afternoon and night. Lloyd 'Dusty' Miller of Mortar Platoon recalls: "The firing throughout the afternoon and night gave me one of the biggest headaches you could have imagined!"