5RAR Tiger Logo Phuoc Tuy Province

D Company 5RAR Weathering a Vietnamese Downpour Typical Downpour

   This is a typical deluge which occurred on a daily basis during the wet season. This was a trying time for the infantryman, as there was no cover from the pelting rain; it was not uncommon for the grunt to be continually wet for days or weeks on end. An infantryman was trained to never take his boots off during operations, however, on the first operation (Operation Hardihood) having wet feet for several days, many soldiers developed an intense itch in their feet. After removing their boots and peeling off the socks, it revealed a  peeled layer of lily-white skin and yellow toenails.
   Many soldiers never wore socks or underpants for the rest of their tour. Issues of Jock-Straps from the RAP (Regimental Aid Post) were common.
   This photograph is of D Company 1st Tour.