5RAR Tiger Logo 5RAR soldiers on operations during the Vietnam War

Pte Trevor Carter giving a 5RAR soldier a 'shot' of a different kind A 'Shot' of a Different Kind

Routine medical treatment of soldiers was ongoing in the field.

Here members of 6 Platoon B Company 5RAR are shown with armoured support during a meal break while on operations in 1969.

To the amusement of a platoon onlooker, PTE Trevor Carter (6 Platoon Medic) gives an injection to another member of the platoon.

Carter, a volunteer National Serviceman, was choppered in to join the battalion as a reinforcement rifleman in May 1969 in the middle of an operation where he says he "wandered around the bush waiting to be introduced to Charlie". Then he became the radio operator for call sign 23 until wounded in action and evacuated on 18 August 1969, after which he returned to duty and given some basic training to take over as the platoon medic. His instruction included the following from the medical sergeant back at Nui Dat: "So you want to practise giving an injection using an orange, eh? Why use an orange when you got all these people here... Now stop shaking, you're making me nervous."