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photograph of a VC camp discovered by 5RAR on the slopes of the Nui Thi Vai Mountains 2nd tour

Viet Cong Camp 2nd Tour

Photo of Bill O'Mara taken on the 30th May 1969 at the entrance to a well-used Vietcong camp.
6 Platoon B Company came across this large camp during Operation Twickenham 2. It was well hidden by the surrounding scrub and the jungle canopy made it cool and damp. A number of bamboo tables and footbridges were evident. A long split bamboo pole was set into the water stream and ran out 5-6ft above ground level. Ideal for showering and a water collection point.
Although the VC camp was deserted that day, we  sadly lost Andy Drummond as a result of a tragic accident. Andy was one of the most popular members of B Company. I remember him as a non- drinker and many a time it was left to Andy to get the guys who were a little worse for wear, back to camp and bed; in our days at Holsworthy.