5RAR Tiger Logo Phuoc Tuy Province

A South Vietnamese Fisherman mending his nets A Typical South
Vietnamese Fisherman 1969

Plain rice (com trang) was in the 1960s, and still is, central to the Vietnamese diet, with it usually being supplemented with vegetables and eggs and sometimes with pork and fish. Commonly included in most Vietnamese recipes is Nuoc Mam, a salty fish sauce, produced in factories along the coast of Vietnam. Anchovies and salt are layered in wooden barrels and then allowed to ferment for about six months.

The Fisherman shown mending his net, was from the Phuoc Tuy coastal region where they mainly used nets and woven fish traps.

The photograph was taken in 1969 by Bill OíMara of B Company 5RAR, who was part of 5RARís MATT (Military Advisory Training) Team at the time.