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Padre John Williams of 5RAR atop his motorbike 'Sky Pilot' 1966-67

Father John Williams was the battalion's Catholic Padre during its first tour, and was the spiritual mentor to many men on active service. 'Father John' celebrated his Golden Jubilee, (50 years in the Priesthood) in July 2003. Father John explains how he came about the bike.

"Before we left Holsworthy I realised that I would need some sort of transport, and that it would not be readily available within the Task Force. So, I approached the Battalion QM, (Ron Shambrook) and asked that, If I was prepared to purchase a motor bike would he be prepared to ship it to SVN with battalion stores. Ron readily agreed. Needless to say it proved invaluable in the Dry Season, but was useless in the Wet when the mud packed tightly between the wheels and the guards."