5RAR Tiger Logo Nui Dat

 Soldiers of 5RAR manning the northern road block of 1 ATF on Route 2 1 ATF Northern Road Block on the Old Route 2

The roadblock is the 1 ATF northern roadblock, just north of the temporary bridge on the old Provincial Route 2 that ran through the original western side of 1 ATF.

The roadblock was that day commanded by Cpl Geoff Luck,
9 Section 6 Platoon B Company, 2 I/C L/Cpl Frank Peacock 8 Section 6 Platoon B Company and Privates Peter Duell Pl Signaller, Gary Cassidy 9 Section, John Murphy 9 Section, Bruce Holland 9 Section, Michael Noonan 9 Section, and Ross Wood 9 Section plus 2 South Vietnamese police.

The two 5RAR soldiers in the photograph are: (foreground)
Bruce Holland and Cpl Geoff Luck. The local bus had arrived from the north of the Task Force.

This was a quiet day.