5RAR Tiger Logo Phuoc Tuy Province


Building the Fence 1st Tour

    Members of D Company, 5 RAR assisting in building 'The Fence'. This barrier was built to prevent Viet Cong access to central Phuoc Tuy Province from the west.
     The fence to be constructed was to consist of two parallel belts of barbed wire, 1.8 metres high and 1.8 metres wide separated by 91 metres. A dense minefield was to be laid between the two fences. Gaps were to be manned by the South Vietnamese police, so as to allow the civilian population access through the fence by day and return by night.
    Unfortunately the Vietnamese tasked to patrol the fence were derelict in their duty and many mines were removed from the fence by the Viet Cong and used against our own men causing many casualties.