5RAR Tiger Logo Men of the Battalion

Lance Corporal Neville Thompson of a Company 5RAR preparing for an Operation during the Vietnam War 'Kitting Up'

Lance Corporal Neville Thompson of 1 Platoon A Company is seen reviewing his section's check-list prior to departure on Operation Quintus Thrust.

Neville went on to say: "I was section 2IC at the time and our section commander was John Logan hence the sign 'Logan's Heroes' and the vacancy sign was removed from a motel on the Gold Coast When A Company spent three months at Canungra as a Demonstration Company in mid 1968; and I might add 'Genghis' (officer commanding 5RAR) made us go back to Canungra to do the Battle Efficiency Course!"

Sadly, Lieutenant Errol Lee, platoon commander of 1 platoon was killed in action just one month later during Operation Twickenham1.

For those unfamiliar with Canungra, It was the location of the Australian Army's Jungle Training Centre.