5RAR Tiger Logo Aircraft in Support

USAF TACP members Michael Boyle and James MetcalfUSAF TACP (Tactical Air Control Party)
in Support of 5RAR

Jim Metcalf writes:

Initial base camp shot, A2C Michael Boyle, and myself. He and I were the primary radio operators and A1C Carl Mathess was the third member of our TACP unit assigned to 5RAR but while Carl would fill in when needed on the radios he primary function was as radio technician (handling any repairs needed on the radio equipment).

Note the box of US C rations in the tent. On individual patrols out of the base camp at Nui Dat I carried the rations y’all carried. Ugh, but they were small and easy to hump and with my radio I had enough to carry. But on these large field ops I was able to stow my C rations on one of the APCs and not only did I eat better, your mutton is awful and not really fit for human consumption, (smile), but it made me popular as I had plenty for trading and for my mates.

Along those lines when I was stationed in Germany, (I was in the US Army prior to joining the US Air Force) we were doing some joint ops with the Brits. We were floored when they got provided a daily rum ration. All the Yanks could get was coffee. Then when in Nam with the Aussies there came the daily beer ration, still the Yanks only got coffee supplied gratis. Well, at least we did give our grunts good rations. Talking to some Yanks elsewhere they would bitch about the C rations as all troops do but then I would tell them what you guys had to eat and it kinda evened out.