5RAR Tiger Logo Men of the Australian 5th Battalion

(Left to right:) Cpl Jackson, 2/Lt Lambert and Sgt Knight of 5RAR enjoying a break during a water resupply Vietnam 1969 9 Platoon C Company 2nd Tour

L to R: CPL "Jacko" Jackson, 2LT Roger Lambert and SGT Peter Knight.

Roger states:

The M16 and basic webbing on the ground is mine together with the bandolier of spare M16 magazines each with 18 rounds of ball ammunition, second last one red tracer and final round a ball ammunition round. The bandolier was tied around my waist and allowed one to hug the ground when required; that is, the basic pouches were on my hips and the two water bottles on my bum cheeks.

The ‘giggle hat’ has crudely applied shades of paint as a form of camouflage.

The M16 flash eliminator has a plastic cap we often used to keep dust and other foreign objects out of the barrel. Note the well-worn camouflage on the butt and fore grip of the rifle.

This photograph was taken during a resupply hence the absence of water bottles from their pouches.

The pack behind me on the ground is a Special Forces pack with aluminium frame that I carried throughout the tour; you can make out the curvature of the bottom of the frame below my right knee. Besides rations and three additional water bottles, I also carried an additional bandolier of loaded M16 magazines, a Claymore mine and detonator cord, two smoke grenades, one thermal grenade and a 66mm LAW (Light Anti-Tank Weapon) strapped down the side of the pack."