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australian infantryman's combat badge
military cross

  2nd Lt Dennis Rainer
Second Lieutenant Dennis Claude Rainer MC.

Citation accompanying the award of the Military Cross to
2/Lt. Rainer.

On 21 October 1966, Second Lieutenant Rainer was in command of 10 Platoon, D Company on a routine search and destroy patrol in the Nui Thi Vai hills in Phuoc Tuy Province South Vietnam.
His platoon was searching a foot track when the forward elements came upon a small rice cache and then a suspected enemy sentry post. Shortly afterwards, he saw a complex of three huts, set in an extremely rocky and steep re-entrant. He deployed a section in a wide sweep to the right and led two sections astride the main track. All the members had to move carefully through bamboo panjis which surrounded the area. He could hear voices and the smell of food and fires. At this stage he had no idea of what was in the village, however he crawled forward with his two sections, to within 15 feet of the largest hut.
The right hand fire support section opened fire. Immediately approximately ten to twelve enemy fled out of the the large hut. They ran into the fire of the assault section and when the firing ceased, the Platoon had killed ten enemy. Approximately four enemy fled away from the fire and escaped to the east. No casualties were sustained in his own platoon.
The success of the contact, highlighted the degree of professional proficiency that Rainer has attained with his Platoon. His platoon strength was only slightly larger than the number of enemy, however quite fearlessly he deployed his men in what proved to be a perfect ambush.
Rainer had again displayed outstanding qualities of leadership and thoroughness in his duties as Platoon Commander. because of these qualities he was able to deploy his platoon so they could achieve such a successful contact.