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australian infantryman's combat badge
Mentioned in despatches (MID)

2nd Lt Barry Ryan
Second Lieutenant Barry John Ryan MID.

Citation accompanying the award of Mentioned in Dispatches to
2/Lt. Ryan.

Second Lieutenant Barry Ryan enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 14 February 1963 and was posted to 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in April 1964 serving in South Vietnam as a rifleman during 1965. He was selected to attend the Officer Cadet School, Portsea and graduated in December 1967. He was posted to 5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment as Officer Commanding 5 Platoon, B Company arriving in South Vietnam in January 1969.
In April 1969, B Company Headquarters and 5 Platoon were in a night position when B Company Headquarters was engaged by an unknown sized enemy force. Heavy rocket, grenade and machine gun fire was received by B Company Headquarters and 5 Platoon causing four casualties. Under this enemy fire Second Lieutenant Ryan calmly reorganised his defences to face the enemy threat and relieve the pressure against Company headquarters. His direction and control of his platoon was such that the enemy fire was effectively neutralised enabling casualty evacuation helicopters to come into the position and forcing the enemy to withdraw leaving three dead. His personal courage and example under heavy fire turned a dangerous situation for his company headquarters into a successful defensive battle.
In August 1969, 5 Platoon had numerous contacts with the enemy in bunker systems, and during ambush. The consistent success of 5 Platoon and the many casualties they inflicted on the enemy were due to the leadership, personal courage and exemplary conduct of Second Lieutenant Ryan who always placed himself in the most dangerous positions, inspiring aggressive action from his men.
The actions and professional skill of Second Lieutenant Ryan over a long period, reflect great credit on himself and all officers commissioned from the ranks in The Royal Australian Regiment.