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australian infantryman's combat badge
Killed in Action or Died of Wounds
Month of August


Pte. Raymond J. Kennedy

Private Raymond. J. Kennedy, 26
Canley Vale, NSW.

Pte. Kennedy was working as a labourer before joining the army at 18 in June 1961 in Queensland.  Pte. Kennedy was killed in action while on patrol in Phuoc Tuy Province on August 14 1966.


Pte. Baron F. Smith
Private. Baron F. Smith, 21
Brisbane, Queensland.

Pte. Smith was a journalist when he was drafted on May 1, 1968. Pte. Smith died from friendly fire in 1 Australian Field Hospital Vung Tau, on August 11, 1969.
 A mate recalls:
"Baron, or 'Smithy' as he was referred to by his mates was a man of few words. He just got on with what had to be done. I recall that he never complained and always carried the M79 plus extra rounds for the M60. As a light sleeper, Smithy did more than his share of sentry duty, he used to say to me " I'm going to be awake anyway ".
I lost a good mate just 9 days before I was due to come home and found it difficult to accept our tragic loss."



Pte. David J. Banfield
Private David J. Banfield, 21
Ulverstone, Tasmania.

Pte. Banfield was a farmer near the northern city of Devonport before being drafted in May, 1968. On the 21st August, 1969, during 'Operation Camden', his platoon and one other, were in contact with a heavily defended bunker system. As both platoons' assaulted the position they came under heavy machine gun and RPG and 61mm mortar fire, forcing a withdrawal. At this time a mortar round exploded close by, killing Pte Banfield and wounding his Platoon Sergeant Garth Wheat. The contact continued for some time with the majority of soldiers in both platoons' being wounded.


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