Don Harrod 5RAR Remembers Vietnam (Page 3)
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Author: Don Harrod C Company 5RAR

Don Harrod remembers Vietnam

5RAR soldiers weapons practice on the rifle range at Nui Dat Remember The Practice Range? Outside the base at Nui Dat (Ap An Phu). Between operations we went to the range to hone in our skills, kick up a bit of dust, and let Charlie know that we were -- "home".

a group of 5rar soldiers 'chewing the cud' Remember"  A Typical Diggers' Debrief?" (minus officers and senior NCOs, who must have been too busy to attend!). A quiet (very illegal) beer in the lines. Pictured (from left) are Peter McCarthy, Mons Haug, Don Harrod and Trevor Burchell. Many of the world's problems were solved in this manner."

Rubber trees around Nui DatRemember 'The Rubber?'

The Harry Bailey Theatre at Nui Dat Remember the Theatre? The original was built by the members of 5RAR during their first tour and dubbed "The Mayfair." It became the "Harry Bailey Theatre" during 5RAR's second tour.

The ubiquitous raction pack spoon Remember the Ration Pack Spoon? These were common-place implements, provided with each ration pack. They had a can opening function, a bottle opener, a spoon, and a hole where they could be affixed to dog tags or other parts of the digger's equipment. In later times, diggers called them "Fred." "Fred" has now been retired from service, due to the new style of ration packs. (I still have a couple in the kitchen drawer and a few more in the shed).

typical asian leechRemember the Leeches? What more can be said. These were part of the jungle. Daily checks helped pick them off, but they always found a way back to the digger. They, like ticks would always find their way to the most sensitive parts of the body.

typical asian scorpion

Remember the Scorpions? Like Leeches, these came as part of the basic jungle equipment.