And Then..... There were those who didn't survive, who'd layed down their lives, so we could survive.
And Then..... It was over, and we were going home.
And Then..... We'll break up and be on our own.
And Then..... Off the ship at Circular Quay, good old Aussie, the place to be.
And Then..... The march, what a glorious sight.
And Then..... The protest, all full of spite.
And Then..... There'll be us who'll just want to forget.
And Then..... There'll be us who'll never forget.
And Then..... One day we'll all meet again.
And Then..... We'll be older, those who remain.
And Then..... We'll rejoice together at last.
And Then..... Just maybe, we can slowly, but slowly forget the past.
And Then..... We've paid our dues, we've been to Hell, only wished the rest of you had been there as well.
And Then..... I can assure you, without any doubt, that you who condemned us, would have learned what Vietnam was all about.

Australian Vietnam Forces
National Memorial and Dedication, Canberra, A.C.T. 3rd October 1992.

And Then.....

We the survivors have gathered once more. In this 'Place of Honour', to honour our fallen. And to tell them, they will never be forgotton.

We Will Remember Them


© John Hunter
2nd Tour
John Hunter