The ranks are slowly fading on Anzac Day each year,
The men of World War One and Two, are parting life down here;
They've fought their final battle and now at peace they rest,
They've handed over duty, to be God's special guest.

Although their souls are moving on, their courage will remain,
They left it for our younger men, so all is not in vain;
The landing at Gallipoli and the fighting at Tobruk,
Are lessons of great courage for any young man's book.

In the desert sands of Egypt and the battle of El Almien,
And the jungles of New Guinea, they'll never fight again;
These battles stay a memory to pass on to our sons,
And inspire our younger soldiers, should they take up their guns.

The courage of the Anzacs, was instilled in every man;
In Malaya, Korea and Borneo, and the jungles of Vietnam;
They fought just like their Fathers, every single man,
At Kapyong and Coral and the 'Battle of Long Tan'.

So just because the ranks look thin, there's never an empty space,
Because when we loose a Digger, his memories take his place;
Now every year on Anzac Day, when the ANZACs' march with pride,
There's courage and there's memories, marching by their side.

© Mal Lyons