Back in November 2001 there was a guest book entry from a Phillip deCook, a Vietnam veteran from the US 3rd Squadron, 5th Armoured Cavalry Regiment (Black Knights) who penned a short poem about 5RAR and I forgot about it until I rediscovered it.

Webmaster 2011.

   "To the men of the 5RAR Vietnam, I wish I knew where to send this. Like a newspaper, so your whole country could see it. I just would like for them to know one American's feelings about you mates."
   I hope this speaks for all American Combat Vets, after all Rambo was not there.

Phillip deCook  November 2001.



A long time ago, in the land of the dragon,
I met some men, and yes I'm braggin';

From Australia and New Zealand these men came,
They fought like tigers, they earned their fame;

They fought so brave in the Dragon's mist,
They fought with weapons, they fought with fists;

I'm proud to have known men so brave,
They should be too, for what they gave;

Who were these men who came so far to help us out'
They were the men of the 5th no doubt;

These men are old, but it's not too late,
Tell them just how proud you are of these brave old men of the 5RAR

© Phillip (Allen) deCook