The book was called 'Crossfire',
And the cover caught my eye;
For the bloke looked like a digger,
That I'd served with at one time.

So I riffled through the pages,
Just to see if this was true;
Then I realized every chapter,
Was about these blokes I knew.

They were from the Fifth Battalion's,
Reconnaissance Platoon;
And it was if I walked amongst them,
Through the battles and monsoons.

For the photos and the names I read,
Took me back to Holsworthy;
Where many served with 1RAR,
In Echo Company.

It was a thrill to trace the footsteps,
Of those men there on the ground;
To understand their hopes and fears,
As the wheels of war turned round.

For each character came to life,
As they fought there day by day;
With the usual army humour,
That never goes astray.

So I hope you read their story.
It will open up your eyes;
To the problems that our diggers faced,
And how they improvised.


© Bill Charlton Author: Bill Charlton


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