A large green bush, there is no fuss,
It's standing right in front of us;
'Here's something new,' everyone said,
And stupid me, don't use my head.

On every branch red ants run wild,
I stare in wonder like a child;
Their nests are baskets made of leaves,
On second thoughts, the whole tree seethes;

I still don't know why I did just that,
Curiosity it was, that killed the cat;
But red ants are a sight to see,
So I touched a branch and there on me;

From the tip of my boots to the top of my hair,
The bloody things are everywhere;
My pack comes off and my clothes go flying,
There're crawling all over, I think I'm dying;

I jump and scratch with all my might,
Yet all they do is bite and bite;
My mates all around, just laugh like mad,
The bastards' know that I've been had;

But I've learnt my lesson and learnt it well,
Red Ants in trees can go to HELL!


© Terry Tommasi Terry Tomassi