I wish I could sleep with peaceful dreams,
Away from all the noise and screams,
Away from all the dead and dying,
Away from all the fear and crying.
I wish I didn't suffer from all wars ills,
Then I could live and sleep without those pills.
I wish for a slice of a long lost youth,
For war was a thief, the aftermath the proof.
I wish to see once more, not through jaundiced eye,
All those things that counted for you and I;
I wish to find again that confidence and calm,
I wish to see again all life's charm.
And I really wish you could understand,
What goes on in wars in faraway lands.
So don't turn away and act so blind,
Try and imagine yourself as one of my kind,
And if you can you will surely see,
That war's a life sentence for veterans like me.

 © K. J. Maynard 2001