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Private Andrew Drummond
Private Andrew Drummond Killed by accidental discharge 30 May 1969

A farm hand before enlisting on November 7, 1967;  Private Drummond was a forward scout when on May 30 1969, whilst on patrol, he was killed by an accidental discharge.

A mate remembers:
"I will never forget the moment we ' lost ' Andy. It was gut wrenching, difficult to accept. If anyone was bullet proof in 6 Platoon it was Andy.
Andy was one of the most popular members of B Coy. Many blokes relied on him to get them home in one piece after a heavy night out."

"RIP Mate."

Official Commemoration: WA - Carnarvon Cemetery
Commemoration Position: Church of England - Grave 862

A Memorial to Andrew Drummond from the people of Carnarvo Western Australia

Lest We Forget