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50 Calibre Browning Machine Gun

50 calibre Browing Machine Gun

Pte Tony Templeton of 5RAR on sentry duty manning the Browning Sub Machine gun
Pte. Tony Templeton D Company  5RAR on sentry duty atop of 'Fortress Wendy' (Nui Dat hill)  manning a browning .50 calibre machine gun.

The Browning .50 machine gun was used extensively as a vehicle weapon and for aircraft armament by the United States from the 1920s to the present day. It was heavily used during World War II, Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, as well as during operations in Iraq in the 1990s and 2000s. It is the primary heavy machine gun of NATO countries, and has been used by many other countries. It is still in use today. Its primary role was as a perimeter defence weapon for the 1st Australian Task Force.

Type: Heavy machine gun
Place of origin: United States of America
Designed: 1921
Weight: 38 kg (58 kg w/ tripod)
Length: 1,650 mm (65 in)
Barrel length: 1,140 mm (44⅞ in)
Cartridge: .50 BMG
Calibre: .50 in (12.7 mm)
Action: Recoil-operated; short recoil
Rate of fire: 550 round/min
Muzzle velocity: 3,050 ft/s (930 m/s)
Effective range: 2,000 m (2200 yards)
Feed system: Belt-fed