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Russian PPD 34 Sub-Machine Gun

PPD 34 Sub-Machine Gun

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The PPD is a submachine gun originally designed in 1934 by Vasily Degtyaryov. It was a near direct copy of the German Bergmann MP28, and it utilized a large ammunition drum, itself a copy of the Finnish M31 Suomi drum magazine. It first went into military service in 1935 as the PPD-34. In 1938 and 1940, modifications were designated PPD-34/38 and PPD-40 respectively, and introduced minor changes. Nevertheless, the PPD-40 was too complicated and expensive to mass-produce, and although it was used in action in the initial stages of World War II, it was, by the end of 1941, quickly phased out and replaced by the superior and cheaper PPSh-41. This weapon was used by both the VC and NVA.

Type: Sub Machine Gun
Place of Origin: Soviet Union
In Service: 1935 to 1941
Designer: Vasily Degtyaryoy
Designed: 1934
Variants: PPD-34, PPD-34/38, PPD-40
Weight: 3.63 Kg
Length: 788 mm
Barrel Length: 273 mm
Cartridge: 7.62 x 25 TT
Action: Blowback, Open Bolt
Muzzle Velocity: 489 m/s
Rate of Fire: 800 r/min
Feed System: 25 round detachable box magazine, 71 round detachable box magazine


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