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Chinese Type-54 7.62mm Sub-Machine Gun

Chinese Type-54 Sub-Machine Gun

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 The origins of this particular weapon are unusual, since it was designed by A. Sudarev at Leningrad in 1942 when the city was under actual blockade by the Germans. Arms were in short supply and as none could be brought in it became necessary to improvise from local resources. The new gun, originally known as the Russian PPS 42, was therefore made in the city itself, so that weapons coming off the production line were liable to be used in action after a matter of hours.
As was to be expected the gun was made of stampings, using any suitable grade of metal, and was held together by riveting, welding and pinning. Nevertheless it was not only cheap but it turned out to be effective. It worked on the usual simple blowback system and would only fire automatic; perhaps its oddest feature was its semi circular compensator, which helped it to keep its muzzle down but increased blast considerably. This was followed by the PPS-43, modified and improved by the same engineer who had been responsible for the earlier model. Its most unusual feature was was that it had not separate extractor in the normal sense of the word. The bolt moved backwards and forwards along a guide rod which was of such a length that as the bolt came back with the empty case, the end of the rod caught it a sharp blow and knocked it clear.

After the Chinese revolution of 1949, the Soviet Union naturally supplied its new ally with a considerable quantity of arms including large numbers of the PPS-43, and by 1953 the Chinese had begun large-scale manufacture of these weapons, virtually unchanged in appearance from the Russian prototypes. The only way in which it can be distinguished is by the fact that the plastic pistol grips often bear a large letter K in a central design. This, however, is by no means universal and other designs, including a diamond, may be found. The gun is still often found in South East Asia.

Length: 819 mm (32.25 in)
Weight: 3.36 Kg (7.4 lb)
Barrel: 254 mm (10 in)
Calibre: 7.62 mm
Feed System: 35-round box magazine
Rate of Fire: 700 rpm
Muzzle Velocity: 488 m/s (1,600 ft/s)
Sights: Flip. 110-219 yds

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