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Mentoring Task Force 2, Battle Group Tiger Australian Infantryman's Combat Badge

Mentoring Task Force-2
Map of Afghanistan
Medal For Gallantry
Cpl Ryan Avery
The MTF-2 mission in Afghanistan was to mentor the Afghan National Army.

The MTF-2 soldiers mentored soldiers from the Afghan National Army to create a combined presence throughout the region. It also enabled the Afghan National Army to take the lead in providing security against insurgent forces. The ongoing success of the mentoring programs is delivering good results and clearly demonstrates the ability of the Afghan National Army to eventually take over security operations in Uruzgan province.

Operations were focused on improving the lives of local people through governance, increased security and community liaison to set the conditions for development in areas such as health, education and public works.

The articles from our soldiers of 5RAR and their support elements gives the reader a good understanding of the war in Afghanistan from the Aussie commitment.

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