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OBG (West) -3 Colour Patch Australian Infantryman's Combat Badge
OBF (West) - Iraq
Over Watch Battle Group (West)
Map of Iraq
Charlie - Five

Overwatch Battle Group (West)'s main role was to provide support to Iraqi Security Forces in a crisis if requested by the Iraqi Government and the Multi-National Force - Iraq. Whilst it was never called upon to act in this role, the Battle Group did conduct combat and security operations within the cities of An Nasiriyah and As Samawah, the provincial capitals of Dhi Qar and Al Muthana respectively, extensive patrolling within rural areas and on Main Supply Routes (MSR's) to counter the indirect fire and improvised explosive device threat, training and mentoring of the Iraqi Army and Police, support to strike operations undertaken by United States Special Forces, and construction and re-construction work. The Battle Group's training team was responsible for providing basic training to Iraqi Army personnel at the Basic Training Centre in Tallil.


Articles from our 5RAR soldiers will give the visitor a better understanding of the role they played in Iraq.

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