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The New Mascot of the 5th Battalion

QUINTUS RAMA Tiger mascot of the 5th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment

Species: Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris)
Sex: Male
D.O.B: February 2002
Weight: Approximately 200kg.

Soldiers from 5 RAR have welcomed their newest recruit, 10-yearold Bengal Tiger, Quintus Rama.

Quintus Rama enlisted on September 27 2012 as mascot for the unit known as the ‘Tiger Battalion’. He fills the position left vacant with the death of the unit's previous mascot, Quintus Septimus Sabre, who passed away in December 2010.

Escorted to the event at the Gary Holmes club by handlers from Crocodylus Park, Quintus Rama's course report from the School of Infantry was read to the unit by 5 RAR RSM WO1 Dale de Kock. He described the new recruit, who carries the PMKeys number of 8555555, as an individual with a "high level of aggression and personal fitness".

CO 5 RAR LTCOL Andrew Forbes said Quintus Rama was a welcome addition and heralded a new era.

"Quintus Rama is the first mascot which exclusively represents 5 RAR since the delinking of the 5th and 7th Battalions" LTCOL Forbes said.

"Despite the necessity to use a crane to lift Quintus Rama over the wall of Crocodylus Park to get him to Robertson Barracks, we will bring him into the unit as much as we can to be part of the unit's activities."

The tiger joins a line of striped mascots since the battalion received a Sumatran Tiger cub named Quintus from Taronga Park Zoo, after returning from their first tour of Vietnam in 1967.

LTCOL Forbes said the unit would look after Quintus Rama as they had done with the previous mascots.

"The soldiers of 5 RAR will be directly involved with the upkeep and maintenance of his enclosure," he said.

"However, the work will not centre specifically on Quintus Rama, but will extend to other areas of the park."

ARMY Newspaper October 11, 2012.

Footnote: Pte David Bleines was the soldier responsible for locating Quintus Rama in a wildlife park in Tasmania.

Through his dedication and hard work, Pte. Bleines, was able to liaise with Crocodylus Park  to ensure that "Quintus Rama" was transported safely to Darwin. His continual liaison with Crocodylus park has seen Quintus Rama enlisted in the 5th Battalion on the 27th September 2012.

For his efforts Pte. Bleines was awarded a Certificate of Merit by his commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Forbes.