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Warr-Khan Trophy


Warr-Khan Trophy

By Colonel R. Wainwright (Retd) and Major A.M.F. Somerville

On 3 December 2006, when 5/7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (5/7 RAR) was delinked and 5 RAR was again reformed in its own right, the 5 RAR Association considered ways in which the history of the Battalion's previous service prior to 3 December 1973 and that of the re-raised "Tiger Battalion" could be closely aligned. This link to the original heritage was considered important even though the history and traditions of the "Tigers" had been maintained during the 33 years of 5/7 RAR service. In consultation with the Commanding Officer, various options were investigated and it was decided that the most appropriate was a perpetual trophy that recognised the importance of junior leadership in the Battalion. Both Commanding Officers of the Vietnam era placed great emphasis on junior leadership and there is no doubt that the operational successes of 5 RAR was very dependent on the ability, initiative and professionalism of its junior leaders. That situation remains just as vital today.

With the approval of Mrs. Shirley Warr, the widow of COL John Warr, DSO (CO 5 RAR Vietnam 1966-67) and Brigadier Colin Khan, DSO AM (CO 5 RAR Vietnam 1969-70) the trophy was named The Warr-Khan Trophy. It is presented annually to coincide with the anniversary of the Battle of Binh Ba (a regimental battle honour). The Trophy is to be awarded to a corporal or below who is recognised as having displayed the highest qualities of leadership in the Battalion. Platoon Commanders are not eligible for the trophy as there is a separate award within the Battalion for junior officers.


Corporal Conner Jose  
Corporal C. Jose
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2020 2021
Corporal Benny Southwell Corporal Zach Smith
Corporal B. Southwell Corporal Z. Smith
2018 2019
Corporal Dylan Hart Corporal. M. Bowman
Corporal D. Hart Corporal M. R. Bowman
2016  2017
Corporal Luke Ryder CPL Darryl Hooper 5RAR
Corporal L. A. Ryder.
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Corporal D. Hooper.
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2014 2015
Cpl T. A. Dovey, Warr/Khan Trophy Winner 2014  Cpl C. J. Synnott Warr/Khan Trophy Winner 2015
Corporal T. A. Dovey.
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Corporal C. J. Synnott.
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2012 2013
Corporal Elio Nunes, Warr/Kahn Trophy winner 2012  Cpl M. R. Alborough, Warr/Khan Trophy winner 2013
Corporal E. Nunes.
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Corporal M. R. Alborough.
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2011 2010
Corporal S. J. Hodge, Warr/Kahn Trophy winner 2011 Corporal T. G. Smith, Warr/Khan Trophy winner 2010
Corporal S. J. Hodge.
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Corporal T. G. Smith.
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2009 2008
Corporal J. Wilson, Warr/Khan Trophy winner 2009 Corporal A. D. Collins, innaugural Warr/Khan Trophy winner 2008
Corporal J. Wilson.
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Corporal A. D. Collins.
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