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The Life of Billy Sing

Author: John Hamilton

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Publisher's Blurb

Gallipoli Sniper By John Hamilton'Woven into the tragic tapestry of the Gallipoli campaign are some wonderful tales of skill, heroism and mateship, and Gallipoli Sniper is right up there with the best of them.' HERALD SUN

The Anzac battlefield on Gallipoli was made for snipers. Scrub, cliffs, spurs and hills meant that both Anzac and Turkish positions often overlooked one another. The unwary or unlucky were prey to snipers on both sides, and the sudden crack of a gunshot and instant death were an ever-present menace. The most successful and most feared sniper of the Gallipoli campaign, with over 200 credited 'kills', was Billy Sing, a Light Horseman from Queensland.

John Hamilton has written an extraordinary account of a hidden side of the Gallipoli campaign
the snipers' war. Following Sing from his recruitment onwards, Hamilton takes us on a journey into the squalor, dust, blood and heroism of Gallipoli, seen from the unique viewpoint of the sniper. It is also a moving exploration of the aftermath of war, as Billy Sing returned home, a celebrated killer trying to adapt to a peacetime world.

Gallipoli Sniper is a powerful and very different account of World War One and its effect on those who fought in it.