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Australian Military Operations

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Albert Palazzo.
Australian military operations in Vietnam, 2006, ISBN 1 876439 10 6, Army History Unit

Australian Military Operations In VietnamFrom 1962 to 1972 Australia joined the United States in fighting a communist inspired insurgency war in the jungles of South Vietnam against infiltrators who sought to overthrow the local government. Over 50,000 Australians served in Vietnam, 519 lost their lives, and the conflict ended ignominiously in the insurgents' victory. Over 30 years later, Australia again finds itself joined with the United States in a struggle against an insurgency, this time in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan. Although now in the past, the Vietnam War resonates with lessons for the Australian Army as it strives to defeat not Communism but Terrorism. Australian Military Operations in Vietnam highlights some of the successes and failures of an earlier generation of officers for the benefit of today's leaders.

The soldier on the cover is Wayne Binns of  5RAR and the book contains a number of photographs of 5RAR Soldiers. Click on the thumbnails below to view a larger version.

Photograph of a 5RAR soldier Lieutenant John Hartley 5RAR Pte Wayne Answer 5RAR Pte Darryl Poke 5RAR