5RAR Tiger Logo artillery in support

L5 105 Howitzer from 103 Battery RAA ready to fire.

L5 105mm Pack Howitzer

The L5 105mm Pack Howitzer was the standard field gun of the Australian Army in Malaysia and Vietnam 1965 - 67, when they were replaced by the more robust, but much heavier U.S. built M2A2 Field Gun. The L5 equipped ARA and some CMF Field Batteries during the early 1960s replacing the 25pounder field gun.

During the Battle of Long Tan 18 August 1966, the three field batteries 103 Field Battery RAA, 105 Field Battery RAA and 161 Field Battery RNZA using the L5 Pack Howitzer fired 3,198 rounds in support of the Australian Infantry
(Ref: TO LONG TAN p351). There were six field howitzers per battery.

These 103 Battery L5 105mm Pack Howitzers are in action at a fire support base about 2kilometres north of 5 RAR's 1 ATF lines. photo shows the gun crew preparing to fire. This was early January 1967.