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2/13th US Artillery at Fire Base 'Pat' 2nd Tour

2/13th US Artillery

American field guns from B Battery, 2/13th US Field Artillery are shown in action at Fire Support Base (FSB) Pat in support of 5RAR during Operation Bondi II. This was in February 1970 during the final two weeks of the operation when 5RAR’s usual direct support artillery, 105 Field Battery, RAA, departed to return to Australia and was temporarily replaced by these Americans.

FSB Pat was located near the old village site of Tua Tich about 13 clicks north of Xuyen Moc. Despite some language and procedural differences between the Australians and Americans, the bi-national force combined well in supporting the Rifle Companies battling the enemy. Some of these encounters involved C and D Companies who were at the time operating in the formidable May Tao Mountains in Binh Tuy Province.

Considerable horse trading was done by the Diggers with the Yanks, for items of equipment such as the American M16 Bayonets and their camouflage pattern poncho liners.

On 16 February 1970 5RAR was replaced by 8RAR in FSB Pat, thus ending its final combat operation before returning to Australia.