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5RAR Photograph Gallery

Australian infantryman's combat badge
Aircraft in Support of 5RAR
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thumbnail of Souix helicopter
'Possum' 1st Tour

Thumbnail AC-19 Shadow c130 Gunship
AC-19 Shadow Gunship

Thumbnail Super Sabre aircraft
F100 Super Sabre

Thumbnail Forward Observer Aircraft
FAC landing on
Luscombe Field

Thumbnail of a F4 Phatntom aircraft
F4 Phantom
Thumbnail Iroqious Unloading
Iroquois HU-1B unloading
Thumbnail of a C130
C130 Hercules landing
at Luscombe Field
Thumbnail of a C123 Aircraft
C123 Provider lifting off
from Luscombe Field
Thumbnail of a Caribou aircraft
A DHC-4 Caribou aircraft operated by No 38 Squadron RAAF at Luscombe
Thumbnail of a Chinook helicopter
Chinook Helicopter
Thumbnail of Hueys arriving
Awaiting extraction
Thumbnail of helicopter 'slicks'
Iroquois transports
on Luscombe Field

Thumbnail of slicks
'Slicks' taking off
from Luscombe Field
thumbnail inside cabin huey helicopter
Skimming the ground
thumbnail of a OV-10 aircraft
OV-10 ground attack aircraft
thumbnail of a chinook helicopter
Chinook carrying supplies

thumbnail of a forward observer aircraft
 FAC taking of from Luscombe Field


thumbnail from inside a huey
Hot DZ Long Son Island
thumbnail sikorsky skycrane
Sikorsky CH-54 Skycrane

thumbnail of Hueys' lifting off
'Huey' carrying water to forward elements of 5RAR
thumbnail of helicopter gunship
'Huey' Gunship
thumbnail of a dustoff helicopter
'Dustoff' on standby

RAAF Bushranger Gunship
DHC-4 Caribou Aircraft
D Company emplaning
into a Caribou aircraft 1968

Huey helicopters loading australians during operation federal
Iroquois Slicks loading
soldiers of 5RAR during Operation Federal

RAAF Huey Helicopter in formation
RAAF Hueys carrying
5RAR soldiers 2nd tour
USAF in support of 5RAR
United States Air Force (USAF) in support
of 5RAR 1966
Pilatus Porter at Luscombe Field
Pilatus Porter from 161 Recce Flight at Luscombe Field
American USAF TACP at Nui Dat
USAF TACP at Nui Dat
(very early days).
A Cessna 180D FAC Aircraft from the Australian 161 Recce Flight
Cessna 180D of
161 Recce Flight
Bell helicopter from 161 Recce Flight
Bell OH-13 on the
chopper pad at TIGER V
MV-1C Mohawk at Vung Tau 1966
MV-1C Mohawk ready
to taxi Vung Tau 1966
A US C130 preparing to take off from Luscombe Field
C130 Preparing to take
off from Luscombe Field

thumbnail: Iroqious A2-773 in action
Bushranger A2-773 in action
RAAF Gubships FSB Pat
FSB Pat 1969