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Australian infantryman's combat badge
Artillery in Support of 5RAR
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105 Howitzer from 103 Battery RAA
105 mm Howitzer

A field Gun from 105 Battery 2nd tour
105 Battery 2nd Tour

Unlading howizters from inside APCs
105 Field Battery Unloading the guns from inside APCs

Mortar locating radar
Mortar locating Radar

105 Field Battery at FSB Polly
105 Battery at FSB Polly
Lance Bombadier Peter Morish
Lance Bombardier
Peter Morish
John 'Macca McMahan and Sgt Khan
John 'Macca' McMahon
with Sgt Khanh
2/13 US Artillery at Fire Base Pat
2/13th US Field Artillery at Fire Base Pat  2nd Tour
Pack Howitzers from Australian 103 Field battery
Australian 103 Field Battery firing in support of 5RAR
M109 Self Propelled howitzer
US M109 SP Howitzer on
the Horseshoe March 1967
US 1st Battalion, 83rd Artillery (Big Guns) in Support of the Task Force
Images and description supplied by Robert Swiggett and Bernie Dugan who were members of the 1st/83rd
M110 (8 inch) Guns
M110 (8 inch) Guns

Night Firing
Night Firing


175 mm Self-propelled gun
175 mm Self-Propelled Gun
Flash Firing
Flash Firing

M110 Mounted with 8 inch Howitzer
M110 Mounted
with 8 Inch Howitzer
8 inch self-propelled gun
An 8 Inch Self-Propelled
Gun from A Battery
175 mm Self Propelled Gun
A 175 mm Self-Propelled
Gun Firing
M110 Howitzer
 My Gun Crew
The Rammer
The 'Rammer'
8 inch gun front on
8 Inch Gun front On