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Flash Firing from a M110 artillery piece Night Firing - US 1st Battalion/83rd Artillery in Support of 1ATF

By Robert Swigget

These guns were basically facing north with the one to the left just a tad north-east. The only time they 'flash' like this is when the charge bag is ruptured during loading. (Doesn't affect firing just makes a big flash). This doesn't happen very often so this is truly a rare shot for both to flash and be caught on camera.
There were many operations we were involved with and we regularly fired support not connected with any particular operation. Operations were mostly named by the Aussies and might have such names as "Herb Ox", "Sticky Wicket" and other double-take inspiring humourisms with similar orientation.
(Budweiser and Tiger weren't always foremost for loosening tension and lightening up a bit).