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Australian Infantryman's combat badge
5RAR soldiers training in Australia
Photographs of 5RAR soldiers training and socialising in Australia
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thumbnail: The original A Company 5RAR on Re-formation from E Company 1RAR
The original A Company
5RAR on re-formation from
E Company 1RAR.
Members of Signals Platoon 5RAR celebrating a birthday
Members of Signals Platoon celebrating a birthday.
Patoon photograph of 7 Platoon C Company 5RAR
7 Platoon C Company
Late 1965.
soldiers from c company 5rar enjoying a cold beer 1965
C Company 5RAR members enjoying a cold beer, Cabramatta Hotel late 1965.
thumbnail of 7 Platoon C Company 5RAR Training in Australia
7 Platoon C Company Training at Holsworthy NSW Late 1965.
5RAR Group Holsworthy
5RAR Group Holsworthy.
Thumbnail: 8 Platoon C Company 5RAR 1965
8 Platoon C Company late 1965
platoon photograph of 9 PLatoon C Company 5RAR Gallipoli barracks
9 Platoon C Company Late 1965

WO2 Brian London DCM and Sgt Alan McNulty DCM photographed oustide BHQ

5RAR recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal
 thumbnail anti-tank course at infantry centre
5RAR soldiers attending the Anti-Tank Course 1965

Cpl Norman J. Womal 5RAR
Cpl N. Womal, Anti- Tank Training, Infantry Centre Ingleburn, NSW.
thumbnail 5RAR Mortar Platoon
5RAR Mortar Platoon 1965